What is a public tender?

It is a mean that highlights the need for a public administration to purchase services, public works, but also buying goods from companies.

This definition highlights how a public administration, or in general a Contracting Station acts, as a real contractor in a variety of sectors with regard to companies and professionals.

The public – private relationship,in the main world economies, represents a real market capable of sustaining and supporting a whole economic ecosystem in total autonomy. In the Anglo- Saxon world, which is the leader in private- public exchange, it is said that whenever a company is opened, first you have to hire the manager responsible for the relationship with the PAs.

The reason is very simple: at a statistical level the commercial offers, which come from the PAs world, reach, on average, the fifty per cent of the market share.

For this reason, the International Project Manager promotes a partnership with their own customers as to manage each relationship with the PA and the main Contracting Stations as to offer a real Procurement department in outsourcing at the service of small, medium, and large companies.

IPM tenders department makes available an annual monitoring service ad hoc for each partner, including support in the analysis of each tender or opportunity and the preparation of documentation, which is necessary for the submission of the offer.
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